BVLGARI Bvlgari DIVAS 'DREAM series Tourbillon hollow watch

Into the natural environment wandering romantic time We and the replica watches relationship between time and the love story of man and nature, Bugerie to capture the beauty of which, turned into the wrist. Divas'Dream series Tourbillon hollow watch with bold and poetic style of rolex replica fusion imagination and reality, exquisite watchmaking process and replica watches uk classic jewelry craft to be pavilions, with perfect handicraft technology carved dial, showing elegant and elegant carving skills, the two process As one. Tourbillon watch is given from the ultimate elegance of Italy. It is dedicated to modern women, because they are like goddesses, fashion charming, mysterious charm, shining eye-catching. True beauty can not be captured as it is, but it has been recreated and reproduced. Creativity will usher in praise, may also be attributed to mediocrity, and Po Geli never fall into the latter. Since 1884, Bulgari has been to show creativity, fashion, luxury and precious unique style. Jewelry works consistently attract a unique personality, the charm of extraordinary women. In Rome, the birth of high-level jewelry shine extraordinary, pleasant, like the legendary mystery of Italy. It is the darling of the spotlight, whether it is international star, or modern elegant women, are fascinated by it. Shining moment, it depicts a gorgeous fairy tale to the world. These gems created by the jewelry masterpiece, now in the form of precious watches available. From Italy's great creativity, this watch from the Bulgari world-renowned decorative arts in the refining out. BVLGARI Bvlgari DIVAS'DREAM series Tourbillon hollow watch Diva, a symbol of Rome Bulgari Divas' Dream series of works has been showing a series of continuous and clear theme. Now, it is a big symbol of Bulgari. Fan, as Divas' Dream series of highly recognizable exclusive arc. The history of the fan-shaped mosaic can be traced back to 216 BC, when it was used to decorate the walls, floors and ceilings of the Roman karaoke large baths. It tells the story of the past, and the Romans love the unique way of life. During the reign of the Karakala, Rome built many baths, all of which were complex, beautifully decorated and magnificent, and now they became well-known historical relics, and the restoration work was supported by Bulgari. Bulgari culture is deeply rooted in the history of Rome, from its deep heritage to extract inspiration, to Diva's Dream series of infinite power. It is a beautiful symbol, both inheritance of ancient wisdom, while highlighting the contemporary women's elegant temperament, easy to capture the heart. Divas' Dream series of watches are in the ear into the fan-shaped design, unique show Bvlgari jewelry and watch the same strain of the design. Advanced watchmaking and advanced jewelry manufacturing process of blending, in the Divas' Dream two new tourbillon hollow watch embodied most vividly, its naturalistic style dial is to highlight this feature. Poetic Invitation: Walking with DIVA Bvlgari Art Garden The purpose of capturing time is conducive to insight into life. The passage of minutes and minutes allows people to reconcile with the laws of the world. These beautiful moments born out of nature, full of vitality, so that the beautiful get free release. The combination of mankind's creativity, imagination and craftsmanship, from the endless time to witness and interpret the beauty of nature, consistent. This harmonious attention is hidden in the garden art, no doubt, Italy and Bulgari is the interpretation of the natural master. BVLGARI Bvlgari DIVAS'DREAM series Tourbillon hollow watch Italian architects and artists through the magnificent, vibrant garden to show the natural, beautiful picturesque. They are inspired by the wisdom of Asia, learn from each other, the success of the geometric pure beauty into the horticultural design. East and West are obsessed with the design of the garden art, and in the integration of a logical burst of inspiration. As we all know, the Bulgari family is extremely enthusiastic about Asian art, especially the Chinese craft. The founder of the brand founder Constantino Bulgari (ConstantinoBulgari) founded a series of products blend of beautiful porcelain and rare jade, depicting the natural theme, including a whole "animal fables" inspiration. The latter naturally joined the Bulgari's iconic animals: snakes and birds. For Bulgari, nature is the source of inspiration and life, but also the cornerstone of cultural and harmonious dialogue. Bulgari's Asian art series works in Italy is very famous, known as similar products for the fun of. Visitors will be able to visit the store in Bulgari Boulevard, Rome, where the exhibits are placed in the well-known "Jade Corridor". Elizabeth Taylor, Monaco Princess Grace and Audrey Hepburn have visited this. Naturally in the Bulgari jewelry products has played a pivotal role, it is not surprising. Advanced watch series also attach great importance to the concept of nature. I Giardini di Bulgari (Burgundy Garden) series presents a color art, in the complex and beautiful dial on the integration of poetic and talent, in the square between the will of a patient, meticulous and passionate legend to his right. BVLGARI Bvlgari DIVAS'DREAM series Tourbillon hollow watch Bulgari to Zhen craft to create China and the United States naturally Divas' Dream Tourbillon hollow watch for the new watch diameter 37mm, decorated 76 bright cut diamonds, dial painted with the wonderful scenery of nature, unique. Divas' Dream Tourbillon watch has two gold and rose gold by the jeweler and dial manufacturing division with superb technology together to create a lush trees, lush foliage exotic garden, a colorful parrot stand in the meantime. To decorate this exquisite small parrot, the need for exquisite hand-painted and glaze techniques, effort, fine complicated. Thanks to the experience of high-level jewelry production, Bulgari master of this technology has been Zhenhua environment. To achieve the perfect effect, and the light and shadow, relief and contrast applied to the extreme, craftsmen masters need to use 20 steps continuous process will be more than ten kinds of colors clever combination. BVLGARI Bvlgari DIVAS'DREAM series Tourbillon hollow watch Watch the final appearance of the visual pleasure and shine not only from the colorful colors, flashing and transparent effect, but also benefit from the overall hollow workmanship. All the movement components, watch bridge Ye Hao, plywood worth mentioning, are very complicated techniques through broom. The overall processing of the watch is extraordinary, some parts after polishing, other parts are decorated with satin or rotary ringing pattern processing. All the operations are done by hand, no machine can be replaced, to complete such a fine operation. BVLGARI Bvlgari DIVAS'DREAM series Tourbillon hollow watch Such excellent dial production is extremely difficult, craftsmen carefully hand-made time-consuming, so only in the limited section was able to glimpse. It is the Bulgari senior watchmaking and jewelry manufacturing the perfect fusion, vividly demonstrated the Bvlgari exquisite, skilled decoration heritage skills. Excellence in the model of watches Bulgari is not just outside the polished. In addition to excellent decorative and embellishment process, Divas' Dream watch in the technical standards are equally outstanding. Bvlgari choose to design a watch for women equipped with a group of charming and extraordinary watch complex structure: Tourbillon. Through the transparent watch back, can observe the tourbillon operation; carved brochures can not tolerate any pool, which is the Italian women's charm of the excellent expression: the joy of the owner's attention, the watch movement like a heart-like movement, for its Inject unique vitality. BVLGARI Bvlgari DIVAS'DREAM series Tourbillon hollow watch Tourbillon invented in the 18th century, followed by continuous improvement and improvement, and gradually improve the accuracy of timing. Gravity on the movement of the accuracy of the impact of small, but difficult to ignore. Tourbillon complex function in the clock inside the rotating frame loading wheel and escapement structure to offset the gravity effect. Bvlgie for this outstanding timepieces configuration of the brand homemade BVL 208 manual winding mechanical tourbillon movement, by the Swiss Bulgari factory independent development assembly, equipped with 64 hours power reserve, to ensure accurate and long time. BVLGARI Bvlgari DIVAS'DREAM series Tourbillon hollow watch Divas' Dream Tourbillon watch series is an outstanding representative of jewelry and watchmaking art fusion, its advantage comes from more than 2700 years of history in Rome and more than 130 years of experience in the creation of Bulgari, with modern atmosphere boldly Pure and excellent performance, charm and precision, elegance and rare combination for the contemporary personality of women designed to witness the romantic time of the beautiful timepieces. BVLGARI Bvlgari DIVAS'DREAM series Tourbillon hollow watch Technical Parameters DIVAS'DREAM Tourbillon hollow watch Case and dial Table diameter 37mm, 18K rose gold or platinum case, depending on the watch; bezel and fan-shaped ear to 76 bright cut diamonds (total weight of about 1.76 karats) decoration, water depth of 30 meters. "Métiers d'art» "is made by hand, all made and decorated by hand; the micro-painting uses 15 different colors; it is decorated with 24 bright cut diamonds (about 0.06 carats). Straps Due to phenotypic differences, the use of red or blue crocodile leather strap, respectively, with 18K platinum or rose gold folding diamond buckle. Movement With 18K rose gold or platinum material; hour and minute display; vibration frequency 21,600 VpH, 64 hours power reserve; plywood and watch bridge (Figure), the use of 18K rose gold or platinum material; All the use of carving fine processing; gold through the beat decoration to improve the brightness; chamfering, rotating ringing surface.