Our Cap Services

Repair & Replace

Cap repair/replace

A chimney without a chimney cap always gets in water through to the fire and dirt into the house. It is therefore an important component for protecting the flue. While a stainless steel cap would cost a lot more that basic caps, it lasts longer and therefore saves you money. If you choice to replace the existing cap or replace it altogether, the services of a professional in taking correct measurements and adjusting equipment, will guarantee a job well done.



If the chimney is left open, heat will always escape even when there is heat in the house causing wastage on energy and a cold interior. Chimney dampers are placed on top of the chimney to seal the opening of the chimney pipe. This ensures that no air movement happens within the chimney and hence regulates internal temperatures. Call us for various designs and sizes of dampers and information on how you can install them.

Chase Cover

Chase Covers

You will need to shield off the top of the chimney from water damage as this is the part of the chimney that connects to the roof of a building. Even the smallest sign of water damage is enough reason to replace this cover as it may lead to extensive damage to the chimney structure. Stainless steel is the best material to use here as it will never rust but most home owners at construction use simple metal which is prone to corrosion.

Custom Make

Custom Make

Every chimney is different depending on the purpose of burning it holds as well as the taste of the home owner. We appreciate the fact that you have your own unique style and take it upon us to create a chimney structure that befits you. If you have drawings to show us what we want, we will do exactly as you desire but be assured that if you give us a verbal description, the quality of our work and design is still unmatched.

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